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Join the LYS Board!

Are you passionate about giving back to your community? Are music, the youth, education and the performing arts important to you? Do you have talents you would like to contribute to help us serve our youth musicians and the community? Do you have creative ideas for the future of the symphony? 

If yes, we have a spot for you on the LYS Board! Join a passionate and enthusiastic team of individuals that collaborate to help make LYS what it is. Our Board members are essential to the success of the orchestra and support us in various ways.

Benefits of Joining the Board:

  • Board members bring a wide skill-set. You have the opportunity to learn outside your field and to have your expertise appreciated.

  • On your resume, board membership gives you credibility and reputation. Potential employers will see that you are willing to donate time, accept challenges outside your specialty zone, and manage many commitments.

  •  You will be listened to as an equal, refining your leadership and communication skills as you participate in board governance.

  •  You will broaden your network of personal contacts who will be able to vouch for your commitment.

Please contact Board President, Daina Janitis at to show your interest to join. 

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